Amber Celletti - (Co-Director)
Amber is an independent filmmaker in Tacoma, Washington and is currently Co-Owner of Finley Mimbles Productions. She enjoys all aspects of filmmaking from writing, producing, directing, editing to making costumes. She has made over a dozen short-films, but Middlevale is the first feature-film she has made.

Nathan Blanchard - (Co-Director)
Nathan is an award-winning filmmaker who's been making silly movies with his friends since the third grade. He's done commercials, documentaries, short films, and now a feature film. He's also a co-founder of the Tacoma production company, Finley Mimbles.

Karl Allsop - (Director of Photography)
Starting out as a photographer, Karl stumbled upon filmmaking and hasn't looked back since. He has his Cinematic Arts degree from Columbus College of Art and Design and has shot/edited dozens of short films, from commercial to narrative. This was his first feature, but he'd love to do more. Check out his slick website!

Bronson Bragg - (Composer)
Bronson has composed the soundtrack for several short films and commercials. He's a very active musician as well as composer, playing guitar and his vocal cords in his local Tacoma band, Bes.

Tomm McCarthy - (Assistant Director)
Tomm is a writer living in Tacoma, WA. His interest in film stems from his desire to do a little bit of everything which is pretty much his job on The Village of Middlevale.


Frank Roberts - (Dennis)
Frank Roberts has been working on films with those who would one day make up Finley Mimbles since Middle School. In 2013 he received is BFA in Acting and Directing from Pacific Lutheran University. Frank has been an avid actor and improviser for the majority of his life and, like most, he writes as well.

Nick Gates - (Jerry)
Nick has been part many film projects with Finley Mimbles as a actor, animator and creative collaborator. He is studying design at Cornish college of the arts in Seattle. Nick loves comedy and entertaining people and currently works as a part time zombie at Trapped in a Room with a Zombie Seattle.

Sarahann Rickner - (Sophie)
Sarahann Rickner is a performer and theatre artist based in Seattle, Washington. She has worked on many theatre and film projects in the Tacoma-Seattle area and looks forward to doing more. She currently works at Seattle Children's Theatre, Geeks Who Drink, and Trapped in a Room With a Zombie Seattle. She would like to thank her boyfriend Paul for always supporting her endeavors (no matter how strange they may be), Amber and Nathan for casting her as crazy characters in their films, and the cast and crew for being an absolute joy to work with.

Paul Richter - (Peter)
Paul Richter lives in Tacoma. He can be seen around town performing with Muh Grog Zoo. For info on that, visit He can also be seen along-side Frank Roberts in the upcoming web series Spacies. The Village of Middlevale is honestly the coolest thing he's ever been a part of.

Genevieve Ferrari - (Jena)
Gen is a comedian, actress extraordinaire. She also writes when she can get herself to sit down long enough to put words on a page. She lives in Seattle and if you look hard enough, you'll probably find her doing stand-up.

Blake York - (Trevor)
Blake has been involved with the theatre scene in the greater Puget Sound area for the past 13 years, most notably as an actor and scenic designer. Although most of his acting credits are on stage (nearing 50 shows) Blake also enjoys acting for film as well. He is currently working full-time as Tacoma Little Theatre's Technical Director, where he oversees all technical elements for their productions. York lives in Fircrest, WA with his fiancé Jen and their dog Sophie. When outside of the theater, they enjoy traveling as much as possible.

Thomas Blanchard - (Miles)
Thomas is a student at Western Washington University, where he studies creative writing, screen writing, and history. His interests in film are writing, prop-making, and acting, in that order. He too has been making movies since Nathan was in the third grade, and was happy to be able to come back from school to be a part of The Village of Middlevale. 

Nathan Vess - (Liam/Ud)
Born with an over active basil-ganglia, Nathan Vess was prone to anxiety and a difficulty focusing his attention. This neural condition lead to a love of escapism with an over active imagination. His profession is in video game art, but he still makes time to participate in every Finley Mimbles production possible. This causes some to call him an actor, though he's uncomfortable with the title. As geography and profession continue to pull him away from the Tacoma based studio, Vess still contributes all he is able, and expects to do so until everyone gets tired of him.

Adam Utley - (Steven)
Adam Utley has been an active Improvisational Theatre Specialist of the Puget Sound area since 2004. His artistic heart thrives in 2 specific avenues, each based in the essence of Improv.  Muh Grog Zoo, is a 4 person cohort specializing in Improvised One Act Plays.  Script-less.  Fearless.( And, The Yes Works, is a Business Consultant LLC co-founded by him to engage businesses/teams in 'solving the problems that they think are unsolvable' through the tools and techniques of Theatre Improv. (  He truly loves what he does and would thoroughly appreciate you checking out his passionate endeavors mentioned above for more details. Aside from that, when time allows, playing in the world of film brings him a sense of satisfaction that is hard to describe. He's made a promise to himself and others that he'll do more!

Dylan Twiner - (Shaun)
Dylan Twiner loves theatre and storytelling, and has been working at it since graduating from the theatre program of Pacific Lutheran University. Mostly he performs with the improvisors of Muh Grog Zoo, so the freedom of the Middlevale shoot was a fun experience to have for a debut feature film.


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